Dmitry Bivol explains how he beat Canelo Alvarez and his plans for a rematch and beyond

Dmitry Bivol picked up the biggest win of his career by far on Saturday, beating Canelo Alvarez by decision in Las Vegas to go undefeated and retain his WBA light heavyweight title.

Bivol (20-0, 11 KOs) spoke at his post-fight press conference, dismissing any thoughts that it was disrespectful to bring him in as No. 2 when he was the titleholder, and discussing the power of Canelo (57-2-2, 39 KOs) as a light heavyweight, and much more.

Before the presser officially went live, Mics caught Eddie Hearn talking with Bivol and Vadim Kornilov at the table.

“In his last two fights, there’s been nothing to show he can do that,” Hearn said in conversation. “We know how good he was, you always believed in him. But to play like that on this stage is very special. Because most fighters can’t produce that when it matters.

Bivol remarked, “If it wasn’t for my last two fights, I wouldn’t have this fight. 100 per cent.”

It’s an interesting little insight into a conversation that wasn’t specifically aimed at the media.

Anyway, let’s move on to things that have been changed slightly just for clarity, as English isn’t Bivol’s first language (although it’s not hard to understand at all).

On how he felt was the key to victory

“Throughout the fight, I was focused. I saw how he threw hard punches. He only threw hard punches. After (all) the hard knocks he was a bit tired. Tired tired. Canelo is a good fighter as a counter-puncher, but I made (him fight more aggressively), and I was the counter-puncher today. It was the key. »

If he was surprised at how “easy” it was

“I just felt like I won the fight. I don’t know.”

After being criticized for not being entertaining before

“My last fights, I didn’t like that in the fight. It was not a challenge for me. I just defended my title against some guys, and everyone bet on me. I enjoyed this one and heard a lot of fans screaming. It motivated me today and I really enjoyed the fight.

On the greatness of Canelo bringing out his own greatness

“Of course, if my opponent is better, I will show my best side. … I didn’t expect it to be better. I expected that. I believed in myself, I believed that I could win. I knew he had hard punches and was hitting my body, hitting my arm and throwing left hooks. I expected it and it did.

On the possible revenge

“My dream is to be the undisputed champion. I had this opportunity to fight the best guy, and I took this fight to have the opportunity. That’s all I cared about, and I appreciate the opportunity I have been given Right now my goal is to get what I deserve If the rematch is going to happen I just have to make sure I get what I deserve because I don’t think even in previous fights as champion I got what I deserved.

If fighting was different on a big stage

“It was, of course. All week I sat in my room. It was boring, you know? I can’t get out of the room and I’m fed up. And I saw how much attention that fight got.

Coming in first despite being champion before Canelo’s grand entrance

“To be honest, I don’t care who comes in first or second. Does not matter to me. I just wanted this fight. …I just wanted to fight him. When he came to the ring and I heard the crowd, I really enjoyed the way they were shouting.

If he spoke to Canelo after

“I just said that he is a very great champion, I respect him. He gave me a lot today, he gave me this fight and a lot of experience.

If he thinks he should be P4P #1

“To be honest, no. I just beat a guy who wanted my belt in my head. He was a super middleweight. Yeah, he had a belt (previously) at light heavyweight, but I didn’t have it. feel like “the king” today. No, I just beat Canelo. I was better than him today.

On what he could do different in a rematch

“To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m going to eat today or what I’ll do tomorrow.

On the score of the fight and “needing” the 12th round

“I kinda thought when I heard the scores, 115-113, I thought, ‘Maybe I lost today.’ But I felt like I won, you know? I’m waiting for that. Everything was against me today. Even Eddie (Hearn), he congratulates me, he smiles, he’s happy for me, but not also happy for me, you know?

If he felt ignored in the light heavyweight division

“For me, it’s enough that I have a belt. I know I’m one of the best, even if nobody tells me. I don’t feel like I’m the best in the light heavyweight division; I don’t feel it because I don’t have all the belts. If I have all the belts, I will feel that I am the best. But for now, I’m one of the best.

When he knew he was in control

“I could see his shots, what he wanted to do all along.”

If he felt disrespected as a champion

“I understand why I walked second because Canelo is the biggest name. And the rules, not all the rules, are for him. No problem, just give me the fight. He’s first on the posters, No problem. The rules, not for him. Just give me the fight. No problem for me. I’m really glad I got the fight.

If he felt the power of Canelo

“Yeah sure, I felt his power. He has really good power. But you know, he has good speed, good power, good sense – but some people are born with power. I don’t have that kind of power. I can throw a power punch if I want to, if I really want to put power in my punch, I can do it intentionally. Some other boxers have power in every punch, they can just throw a punch and it’s already powerful. I didn’t feel like as a light heavyweight he had that kind of power from birth, where he just throws a punch and it hurts. I felt like he was putting everything he could into every punch and trying to make it powerful.

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