How Pence thinks the giants should approach the trade deadline

Buyers? Sellers? Somewhere in between? What the Giants will do before Tuesday’s MLB trade deadline remains to be seen.

San Francisco’s 2022 season has certainly been a disappointment, and the team has multiple strengths that could provide some exciting young prospects. On the other hand, the Giants are only four games away from the Philadelphia Phillies for the third and final wildcard spot in the NL going into Monday night’s game against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Former Giants outfielder Hunter Pence joined 95.7 The Game’s Mark Willard and Joe Shasky on the “Garlic Fries and Baseball Guys” podcast, where he discussed why San Francisco shouldn’t trade co-ace Carlos Rodón and how the team should attack the next deadline.

“When you trade Rodón, it’s a ripple effect, a message,” Pence said. “Whatever you get back, it helps right now, you’re not going to win a World Series. We’re the San Francisco Giants, we’re an amazing organization, we have a powerful fan base and we have a Carlos Rodón and a Logan Webb, that you can get into the playoffs and be like this is our No. 1, this is our No. 2, come get some. You trade Rodon, you lose that.

“I don’t care who you get, don’t do this buy/sell thing. I’m so passionate about it. And by the way, we’re three games away, anyway, you don’t have to “opportunities to make the playoffs, having No. 1s and No. 2s like that very often. And the Giants can win every year – we have the support to do that. So for me, you add to this team. We let’s lose a – running games, we play a little bad defense. Those are things that can be fixed.”

Pence thinks that by being buyers at the deadline, the Giants could inspire confidence in a roster that hasn’t had much reason to be confident in recent weeks. There’s one name in particular that Pence thinks might be a good fit for San Francisco.

“These players aren’t robots, they won’t just be their stats,” Pence explained. “You shake them all up and inspire them all when you buy and have faith and say to yourself, ‘Guess what? We’re coming to win this year,” because an opportunity to advance to the playoffs with a [Carlos] Rodón and a Logan Webb and the bullpen. … Add a little arm or two, add a good defender, go get a Joey Gallo, who’s really going to fit in here that you don’t have to give the farm for.

“He’s going to do a lot of things, he’s going to play crazy defense, he’s got one of the strongest arms and helping out the pitching staff and sending a message to these players and to the city, ‘Hey, we’re coming to burn it down down, because that’s what we do and we’ve got the team to do it.”

The biggest name available before the deadline is Washington Nationals superstar Juan Soto, who the Giants have reportedly shown some interest in but are unlikely to be one of the serious suitors to make a move for him at this point. . San Francisco would pay a premium, a premium that Pence does not deem necessary. Instead, the two-time world champion thinks his former team needs to make moves that attack the bullpen and clean up the shaky outfield defense.

“You don’t sell the farm for a Juan Soto,” Pence added. “What you’re doing is finding a way to find some bullpen arms to strengthen that bullpen, especially a southpaw coming in, he’s a veteran who could also give other young bullpen arms more confidence. who say to themselves: “I took out the left-handers. ‘ Go get another southpaw, and you might have to give a prospect who’s a major leaguer average or maybe a major leaguer more. [prospects] because you will if you do the Juan Soto thing. You get a reliever, you might have to give up a little farm, but we can get him back in free agency. You go out and get one more bat, the outfield defense, stitch up the left field defense. »

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As a former deadline buyer himself, Pence knows exactly what kind of boost a trade can bring to a team battling for a playoff spot. Pence himself provided a spark that played a huge role in San Francisco’s championships in 2012 and 2014, and he believes a similar move can ignite this year’s team.

Will the Giants make another Pence-like move, or sell off valuable assets and retool for next season? We will know in less than 24 hours.

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