In the last episode of Halo, Master Chief does the Covenant

This week’s episode of Paramount Plus Halo The TV show is amazing in the strictest definition of the word. I literally cannot believe what I saw.

Spoilers for Halo follow

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In the latest episode of Halo, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 fucking. He has sex with an undercover Covenant human spy after the two bond over their shared magical abilities surrounding the mysterious artifacts the humans and Covenant have been searching for for most of the series. Apparently, the Master Chief is such a skilled lover that Covenant spy Makee is willing to renounce her allegiance to the enemies of mankind. However, a series of misunderstandings and violent interactions with the UNSC cause Makee to change his mind, setting in motion events that could hasten the downfall of planet Reach.

In short: the leader applauded, then came the Fall of Reach.

I am unable to choose sides on this. I waver wildly between stunned disbelief and awe of what the showrunners have done here. Even for a show that’s pretty clear it wants nothing to do with the games and features completely new takes on established characters, it still seems totally inappropriate to fuck the Master Chief. We’re talking about a man who was kidnapped when he was very young and trained to be an emotionless super soldier dedicated to preserving humanity at all costs. Not only this guy do not damn – I’m not convinced he even knows how.

The moment itself didn’t really read like a love scene but more like a comedy, especially because as the camera pans away from John and Makee, it cuts to a wide-eyed Cortana – l ‘IA inside John’s head – who is forced to watch the sex unfold with that look of longing on her face. It was unintentionally hilarious. I laughed for a good minute, upsetting my napping dog and my work partner.

The question of whether the Master Chief and Spartans in general are fucking is a relatively new question, linked to a dril tweet.

With dril’s brand of messy tweets as the catalyst, people started posting fake pictures of Eric Nylund’s pages The fall of Reach featuring a passage describing that the functions of a Mjolnir power suit also include a “sexual enhancer”.

Although the images are fake, an account of the incident at the time of Kotaku noted that Halo the developers have neither confirmed nor denied if the Mjolnir armor is ribbed for the Spartans’ enjoyment. However, according to The fall of Reach, the Spartan IIs – the generation of Spartans to which John belongs – are embedded with an anti-emotion chip, a fact that the Halo the showrunners decided to stick with it. When John pulled that chip off on the show, it became one of my favorite moments because I was touched by his sheer emotion seeing the everyday things I take for granted.

While I’m still on the fence about how I feel about all of this, I believe there are reasonable, canon-compliant explanations for why the Master Chief went down with his Master Beef. It is intrinsically consistent that a John, devoid of his emotional regulator, is curious about sex. Her training as a Spartan would have provided some basic sex education, but only from a superficial scientific approach. Also, the series has already shown him as very emotional and vengeful for being denied a relationship with his parents. Other than them, the only person he had a real connection to outside of his Spartan life was Makee. I think with his new emotions he would like to explore all facets of being human, which for some people includes sex.

It’s also true that John, as a Spartan, would do anything to accomplish his mission. Makee’s status as a Covenant initiate and her more powerful connection to the Artifacts make her important to the UNSC’s mission to find the Halo weapon before the Covenant can. However, Makee does not trust the UNSC enough to cooperate. That’s until she sleeps with John. The Master Chief is the consummate soldier; he will use any tool necessary – including his own – to get the job done.

Like a Halo As a lore fan, I can’t say I’ve ever given too much thought to whether the Master Chief is fucking or not. I obviously can’t speak for all Halo fans, but a quick look at the AO3 section of the game tells me other fans really don’t have it either. There are about 2,000 fanfics under the Halo tag (1,400 when you remove all cross-fics), and only about 400 of them are rated for sexual content. The most popular relationship is, of course, Master Chief and Cortana. But equal space is also given to pairings that don’t involve John at all, instead focusing on supporting characters like Sarah Palmer, characters named Covenant, and my favorite. Halo pairing, Tom-B292 and Lucy-B091.

While the Halo The TV show doesn’t have a tag yet, I already see fics appearing featuring John and Makee, John and Cortana, and, to my delight, Miranda Keyes and Spartan Kai-125. This week’s episode was filled with interpersonal angst, which is catnip for fic writers, so I’m expecting more fics, especially those that get into *ahem* retail about the lovemaking of John and Makee, soon to be up. Don’t ask me to write any.

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