‘Charmed’, ‘Dynasty’ among cancellations at The CW

The CW continues to thin the ranks of its scripted slate as the network is currently in the process of a possible sale to the Nexstar group of stations.

The broadcaster run by Mark Pedowitz has canceled Charmed, Dynasty, Roswell New Mexico and recruits The 4400 and Naomi. The future of Legacy, Tom Swift and star girl. In the Dark, Stargirl and Nancy Drew branching out Tom Swift don’t have a premiere yet. The CW also chose not to renew In the dark beyond its upcoming fourth season.

The news follows the cancellations of Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow last month. Sources say leases on the soundstages of both DC Comics dramas were up and producers Warner Bros. TV did not want to extend them.

The network handed out early renewals to its seven core shows in March with pickups for All American, The Flash, Kung Fu, Nancy Drew, Riverdale, Superman & Lois and Walker. All Americans: Homecoming was renewed earlier Thursday.

This is by far The CW’s biggest streak of cancellations in years, as the youth-focused network under Pedowitz — the broadcast’s longest-serving topper — had been working for some time to stabilize and grow. its roster to the point where original series were released year-round. That changed this year with backers from The CW, CBS Studios (a division of Paramount Global) and Warner Bros. Warner Bros TV. Discovery, who are looking to divest themselves of the network from their respective portfolios.

The CW was previously fueled by revenue generated by Netflix’s billion-dollar deal that saw all of the network’s scripted series air on the service. The CW chose not to renew that deal because Warners and Paramount wanted to stream their originals on their respective platforms, HBO Max and Paramount+. International revenue has also largely disappeared as these rights, rather than being sold overseas and contributing millions to their respective studios, are now also kept in-house. Station group Nexstar is seen as the favorite to buy The CW, although other contenders are also in the game. A deal is not expected to be reached until next week’s initial presentations to Madison Avenue ad buyers.

In the meantime, The CW has been doing its best to maintain business as usual, with Pedowitz handing out three pilot orders this year. While Nexstar knows how shows on The CW operate, early indicators are that the group of stations — if a deal can be struck — could keep things business as usual for the immediate future.

Still, a sale of The CW could — over time — change the face of the network as it’s unclear what a potential buyer’s long-term plans might be.

batman (cancelled after three seasons)Charm (done after four hours)Dynasty (five seasons), Legends of tomorrow (Seven)Roswell New Mexico (four), In the dark (four) and rookies The 4400 and Noemie were among those not renewed in March. Many had been program staples due to lucrative streaming and international deals prior to HBO Max’s arrival. Dynasty, for example, is the lowest-rated scripted series on television, but due to its well-known title, it was a huge international hit.

The end of Legends of tomorrow and batman leaves The CW with a DC roster that includes the flash (which is expected to conclude with its previously announced ninth season) and Superman and Lois. (Prolific producer Greg Berlanti has another DC show in the works for The CW with a pilot Gotham Knightswhich is not considered a batman spin off.)

With Warners and CBS Studios now divesting themselves of The CW, a new parent company will likely open the doors to other third-party buyers while possibly offering some sort of guarantee to both studios for a certain amount of programming for a period of time. predetermined. At the same time, The CW will now have room on the schedule for potential new series and other low-cost unscripted programming as its parent companies seek to cut expenses for a potential new owner.

The CW has three pilots in the works, all derived from or based on well-known properties: the DC Comics drama Gotham Knights; Walker: Independence, a reboot prequel starring Jared Padalecki; and Supernatural prequel The Winchesters. All have ties to The CW’s longest-running drama, Supernaturalwhile Misha Collins stars in Gotham Knights. All should be picked up in series.

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