The 3 signs of the zodiac with approximate horoscopes for Sunday, May 15, 2022

We have a lot of opposition this Sunday, which may have a negative effect on some of us.

So which three zodiac signs will have approximate horoscopes on May 15, 2022?

We examine communication issues and the idea of ​​desperately wanting to break the rules while feeling limited and unable to cope.

We think we know the answer – and we may have, but luck seems to favor others, leaving us in the dark with our emotions and all the things we wish to say but can’t.

This triggered incapacity is due to the transits Moon opposition Mercury and Moon opposition Uranus.

Now is not the time to talk, but to act, and because transits are so slippery, we may not know what to do. If what we need to do is express ourselves, but we don’t find the right opportunity to do so, we can end up feeling extremely frustrated.

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If we can’t figure out what actions to take, along with the fact that we can’t find the right time to express what we’re thinking, then we’ll be doubly frustrated.

It may be the day when it is better to retreat to your own world where you can find a modicum of security.

So, the day should prove to be a bit rough for some zodiac signs, mainly because nothing will be done today.

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