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Good summer! This week marks the summer solstice, the longest sunny day of the year, June 21. On the same day, cancer season begins. It lasts until July 22 and prompts the zodiac to think about home, family, and belonging. On June 22, romantic Venus enters talkative Gemini until July 18, which aligns our relationships with clearer communication, open-ended questions, and mental chemistry.

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Welcome back, Aries! Cancer season begins on Tuesday and urges you to become curious, specific, and action-oriented around your contexts for emotional safety. What are the places and who are the people that keep your heart safe? Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday, and intelligence, communication, and curiosity quickly become the biggest exciters for you.


How’s your vocabulary, Taurus? On Tuesday Cancer season begins and you will be asked to expand your tongue in a way that expands your world. It’s time to improve the quality of your communication skills, especially when it comes to discussing emotions. Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday and anchors you in even more financial security, embodiment, and pleasure.

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What’s next, Gemini? As your season ends on Tuesday and Cancer season begins, you will be inspired to take the next steps towards achieving your goals. Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday, renewing your relationships with romance and giving you even more confidence, charisma, and the potential for love to flourish.


Happy *almost* birthday, Cancer! Your season starts on Tuesday and you will be at the center of the month. Demonstrate your best emotional IQ, loyalty, support and love for your chosen family and/or birth family. May all your birthday wishes come true! Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday and helps you heal patterns and pains from the past.


It’s time to take a break, Leo. When Cancer season kicks off on Tuesday, you’ll want to do less. Much less! It’s your annual time to rest, recharge, reflect, and self-care so you can finish what needs closing. Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday, and you’ll be making love to your friends and bringing a little more levity to your romances so you can mix the best of both worlds!


Clock, Virgo! Cancer season begins on Wednesday, asking you to work less and socialize more. You have proven yourself in the last month and fulfilled many dreams. So celebrate with your loved ones! Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday and attracts mutually supportive professional relationships so you can bring out the best in each other!


Emotional temperature check, Libra! When Cancer season kicks off on Wednesday, you’ll be asked to reflect on how your emotions are instructive for your career. Everything you need to know about career success is in your emotional intelligence. Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday and draws you to people and places that teach you about love and belonging.


Bon voyage, Scorpio! When Cancer season kicks off on Tuesday, you’ll be heading to new places and maybe enrolling in college programs that will expand your worldview in wonderful ways. Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday and reminds you that the mind is the most important sexual organ we have. Connect to the erotic by connecting to your cognition and the intellect of others!


Dive deep, Sag! Cancer season begins and inspires you to swim in the depths of topics such as intimacy, sensuality, pleasure and meaningful relationships. Make a committed effort to understand your inner motivations and the motivations of others as well. Venus enters opposites – attracts Gemini on Wednesday and creates passionate chemistry in all your relationships.


Let go of control a little, Capricorn! Cancer season begins on Wednesday and helps you to be romantically dependent on people you trust and learn to receive as much as you love to give. Venus enters Gemini on Thursday and begins to magnetize relationships that help you improve. Think about responsible buddies and others who inspire you to be your best self.


Take a small step, Aquarius! When cancer season begins, it’s time to move on to wellness. Make big strides by taking small steps toward cognitive, emotional, and spiritual health. Venus enters Gemini on Thursday, and your romantic relationships will help you feel more confident, sexy, and worthy of all the love you deserve.


You are worthy, Pisces! Cancer season begins on Tuesday and you will break the habits that hold you back from becoming your highest and brightest self. Remember that you are worthy just the way you are and that you can also be a work in progress. Venus enters Gemini on Thursday and attracts partners who protect your heart.

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