‘Lightyear’ gets stomped by dinosaurs at weekend box office as ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ sees $57M+

SATURDAY AM: Well, that wasn’t supposed to happen. by Disney Light year, despite an A-CinemaScore and 4 stars/85% positive on PostTrak, is closing in on its $70-85 million projection with a $51M – $55M 3 Day Weekend at Universal/Amblin Second Weekend Jurassic World Dominion with $57.1M-61%. Jurassic could even hit $66.3 million during the four-day June 16 holiday.

“Light year”

What the hell happened here? Despite Rotten Tomatoes lowest rating toy story 77% Certified Fresh franchise, it’s clear no one in large quantities will see Buzz Lightyear’s origin story. Understand that a Pixar movie and a Jurassic The film has already played close to each other on the schedule, and they both walked away with an embarrassment of riches. Although we mentioned that spinoffs always open lower than the main franchise movies (take your pick: Fantastic Beasts vs. Harry Potter, Hobbs & Shaw vs. Fast & Furious and Bumblebee vs. Transformers), it could be to go to the toy story way too soon, too soon, despite theater closures and a pandemic held by the end toy story 4 three years ago.

Like Universal with Domination, it’s not like disney didn’t market Light year, and if you comb through Rotten Tomatoes top reviewers, the majority of them seemed to like it.

Jurassic World Dominion

Left to right: Zia Rodriguez (Daniella Pineda) and Franklin Webb (Justice Smith) in Jurassic World Dominion

It is clear that the majority toy story fans are not in abundance. Don’t forget that the film is an ensemble picture in all of its toy characters, an appealing factor for any parents who grew up with such icons as the skintight dog and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Also limit audiences here with Light year it’s that there’s not much for the girls to hang their hats on; the spatial aspect makes this spin-off a great engine for boys, hence the participation of more boys than girls.

Plus, families in an inflationary economy might pick their battles in a crowded streaming market: They’ll go see Jurassic on the big screen, which won’t be in homes for a while, but may be waiting to see an nth one toy story movie on Disney+.

While the box office economics on a $200 million animated film aren’t great from Disney’s perspective, especially when it comes to official and internal studio screenings, and the toy story franchise itself, the exhibit is seeing another side of the coin after going through its own depression in 2020-21: $51 million to $55 million is a damn good opening. All the more reason for exhibitors to sing “We’re in The Money” from 42nd street is the fact that the three-day weekend grossed an estimated $161.1 million, 18% ahead of the same weekend in 2019, the benchmark year for determining whether the domestic box office has returned at healthy levels.

K-12 schools are 95% closed on Mondays, so see if Light year can find an extra set of kerosene from today to Monday.

Among those who showed up for Light year, 52% were male, 48% female. Sixty-one percent of those who bought tickets were between the ages of 18 and 34. Men over 25 were 30% dominant, giving the film its best rating of 87% positive. Women under 25 at 24% also gave him 87%. Women over the age of 25 made up 24% of the audience and rated the Pixar film with 85%. Males under 25, at 23%, gave the film a rating of 79%. Diversity displays were 46% Caucasian, 28% Hispanic and Latino, 10% Black, and 11% Asian. Light yearThe best territories were in the west and southwest, where eight of his top ten runs came from. Imax and PLF screens currently contribute nearly a quarter of the box office.


Throwing an extra wrench into the Father’s Day weekend box office against the competition is Paramount’s holding power Top Gun: Maverick, the ultimate movie to take your dad to. The film envisions a glorious 4th weekend of $40 million, -23%, for a cumulative total of $462.1 million; just $37.9M half a billion in the United States.

In tenth place is Focus Features’ release of Jim Archer’s Sundance premiere. Brian and Charles in 279 locations. Woodpecker is watching $197,000 for 3 days, $220,000 for 4 days for a theatrical average of $706. This type of 100 market play is not considered so good.

1.) Jurassic World Dominion (Uni) 4,697 (+21) cinemas, Fri. $15.7M (-74%), 3 days $57.1M (-61%)/4 days $66.2M/Total $257.3M/Week 2

2.) Light year (Say) 4,255 theaters, Fri $20.7M/3 days $51M – $55M4 days is $59.8M/Week 1

3.) Top Gun: Maverick (By) 4,262 (-489) theaters, Fri. $10.96 million (-23%), 3 days $40 million (-23%), 4 days $46.5MTotal $468.6 million/Week 4

We build the board….


“Light year”

FRIDAY AFTERNOON: Friday is clearly in favor of Disney/Pixar Light year with $23 million, that includes the $5.2 million previews. However, there is suspense from Universal/Amblin’s Jurassic World Dominion eventually sink his teeth into the cartoon astronaut.

Current 3-day outlook for Light year is $55 million+ and Jurassic World Dominion is at $53.4 million, but there is a projection that the latter cold clears $61 million over 4 days, sending his running total to $253 million.

Still too early to tell Light year is underperforming for Saturday mornings and Sunday Father’s Day business are his greatest strengths. At this early stage, we heard that schedules were progressing better than sonic the hedgehog 2‘s on its first Friday in April. If this momentum continues throughout this afternoon, then there is a chance Light year reached $60 million.

In last night’s PostTrak rides, Light year landed four stars with an overall audience and recommendation of 62%. The audience composition was 67% general, 16% parents and 17% children under 12 years old. Parents gave the film 4 1/2 stars, while children under 12 gave it 5 stars. Boys outnumbered girls, 61% versus 39%. Of the general public, 53% men, 47% women.

FRIDAY AM: Pixar’s return to the big screen Light year, made $5.2 million between Wednesday fan previews and Thursday night shows, which is just shy of the $6.3 million that Paramount sonic the hedgehog 2 did so in April during its first two days of previews.

Light yearWednesday fan screenings began at 6 p.m., while Thursday sessions began at 3 p.m. Space ranger Buzz Lightyear’s sci-fi origin story is booked in 4,255 theaters and is expected to gross between $70 million and $85 million. The global startup is envisioned at $135 million, with the overseas footprint being 43 material markets, accounting for 79% of international. Rotten Tomatoes reviews are 80% certified fresh, which is below the high range of 90% to 100% of the toy story movies. If the family movie is going to overindex, it comes down to Father’s Day traffic, not to mention, the June 16 holiday being celebrated on Monday. To date during the pandemic, Paramount’s sonic the hedgehog 2 holds the highest opening for a family film at $72.1 million.

Light year is well ahead of Universal/Illumination’s pre-holiday Tuesday previews Sing 2 ($1.6M) and Disney Encanto ($1.5M). presales for Light year were estimated at around $10 million yesterday, slightly less sonic the hedgehog 2is 12 to 14 million dollars.

Universal/Amblin’s Jurassic World Dominion led all films in regular release yesterday with $8.66 million, -13% from Wednesday at 4,676. The film will share Imax screens with Light year this weekend, but give them up entirely to the Disney/Pixar film in its third weekend. Taking the first week for Domination is $191.1 million, 7% behind the first week of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Paramount/Skydance Top Gun: Maverick saw $6.2 million yesterday, -6% from Wednesday for a third week of $78.7 million and a running total of $422.1 million.

Disney/Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness made around $614,000, for a sixth week of $7.9M and a running total of $400.8M.

Universal/DreamWorks Animations The villains grossed $282,000, -24%, for an eighth week of $4M and a cumulative total of $93.2M.

by Disney Bob’s Burgers Movies grossed around $280,000, for a third week of $3.9M and a cumulative total of $28.7M.

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