WWE SmackDown Results: Former RAW Champions Return; On-Screen Personality Does the SummerSlam Challenge – Winners, Recap, Ratings & Highlights (June 24, 2022)

Drew McIntyre kicked off SmackDown and said he planned to win the Men’s Money in the Bank match and ultimately challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Title.

Sheamus came out with Butch and Ridge Holland to say that he would be the one to win the briefcase at Money in the Bank.

Paul Heyman and Adam Pearce came out, and the latter announced that thanks to The Special Counsel’s influence on WWE management, Drew and Sheamus were both out of the match unless they beat The Usos in a tag match tonight.

WWE SmackDown Results (June 24, 2022): Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura – MITB Qualifying Match

Nakamura started strong and locked an armbar early, but Sami burst. Shinsuke received some big kicks and a sunset bomb on the ropes before Zayn obliterated him at ringside with an exploder suplex, hoping to get the count.

Shinsuke barely beat the count before Sami dropped him off the top rope. Returning after a break, Nakamura tried a superplex, but his opponent countered before being dropped on the turnbuckles.

The Master Strategist tried to get the pin with his foot on the ropes but was caught by the referee. As Zayn argued with the official, Nakamura almost rolled him up for the win.

Zayn dodged the Kinshasa as he ran from the ring, but Shinsuke chased after him and hit the move on the outside. Back in the ring, Sami managed to hit the Helluva Kick and was victorious!

Result: Sami Zayn defeated. Shunsuke Nakamura

Grade: B+

Kofi and Woods got in the ring first and said they were tired of weekly rematches. Instead, they wanted to see Shanky dance, and although Jinder Mahaal wasn’t too happy about it, The Giant entertained the crowd with his moves.

Jinder tried to stop Shanky, but Shanky pushed him into the corner. Jinder fled the ring and the dancing continued before the Viking Raiders attacked them from behind.

The New Day was demolished in the SmackDown ring as the Raiders hit their combination finishers on Woods and Kingston.

Sonya Deville was back on SmackDown and demanded a match. Pierce booked her in a handicap match against Raquel Rodriguez and Lacey Evans.

Raquel Rodriguez & Lacey Evans vs. Sonya Deville – SmackDown Handicap Match

Deville came out with Shayna Baszler and Xia Li to start the match. Right off the bat, Baszler and Li distracted Raquel while Sonya went after Lacey in the ring.

Sonya kept control and stopped Lacey from making the tag, but Rodriguez managed to get in.

Rodriguez hit some big slams and dropped Sonya on turnbuckles before Baszler distracted her from getting the Texana Bomb.

Lacey slipped a tag and walked in with the woman’s right for the pin. After the match on SmackDown, Deville, Li and Baszler attacked the winners but were wiped out instantly.

Result: Raquel Rodriguez & Lacey Evans defeat. Sonya Deville

Category B-

The Street Profits were hyped for Money in the Bank and cracked a few jokes backstage on SmackDown before returning to the ring.

We got Ronda Rousey’s entrance music, but Natalya came out dressed as the SmackDown Women’s Champion and pushed a stroller.

After a break from SmackDown, Natalya mocked Ronda and said the latter almost submitted to a hold.

She called Rousey the “saddest woman on the planet” and shoved the stroller into the ring.

The real Rhonda Rousey came forward and fired Natalya for undergoing “enhancement surgeries” to stay relevant as she lacked talent.

A fight breaks out and Ronda rips off Natalya’s jacket before she runs away.

Backstage, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus were still at their throats as they prepared for the main event on SmackDown.

Gunther (c) vs. Ricochet – SmackDown Intercontinental Title Match

Gunther had some big moves early on, but Ricochet came back with a kick to the head. The champ regained control with a lariat before landing a big boot.

Ricochet was caught in a submission hold but grabbed the ropes to force the break. Despite his best efforts, Gunther hit back-to-back offenses like a German suplex and a running shotgun kick. Towards the end, the champion pinned the challenger following a powerbomb.

Result: Gunther defeats. Ricochet to retain the Intercontinental title

Category B

Sami Zayn and Paul Heyman were backstage when the former confirmed he would never take advantage of Roman Reigns. However, he added that he could take advantage of Brock Lesnar before quietly stepping out of frame as the special counsel watches him.

Tamina vs. Shotzi – SmackDown MITB Qualifying Match

Tamina started strong and got a Powerslam early on for a near fall. Shotzi locked in a hold before landing a big dropkick in the ring.

The former Women’s Tag Team Champion countered a top rope move with a superkick and nearly fell. However, Shotzi sent Tamina into the ring before getting a massive DDT for the win.

Result: Shotzi defeats. Tamina

Rating: C

Backstage on SmackDown, Max Dupri told Adam Pierce that his modeling agency’s debut was ruined this week because the locker room wasn’t good enough.

Pat McAfee stood on the announcement desk and laughed at Happy Corbin. He challenged the Mayor of Jackpot City to a match at SummerSlam before we headed into the main event.

Drew Mcintyre and Sheamus vs The Usos on SmackDown

Jimmy Uso was isolated in the ring early on after Jey and Drew kicked off the match. Jey was sent outside and dodged a claymore before McIntyre attacked and annihilated Butch.

Sheamus came out of the ring and started a fight with Drew as we headed for a break.

Back on SmackDown, Drew was beaten and Jimmy hit the frog, but Sheamus broke the pin. McIntyre hit a few neckbreakers before missing the Claymore.

Butch and Holland came back, and we saw Sami try to interfere as well, but the Street Profits took him out.

McIntyre hit a dive over the crowd before trying for Claymore but took a superkick instead. The former WWE Champion recovered and hit the Claymore before getting the pin!

Result: Drew Mcintyre and Sheamus won. The Usos

Grade: B+

Episode Rating: B

We had two big matches set up for SummerSlam as the Viking Raiders made their comeback on SmackDown. We also had some Money in the Bank qualifiers and an amazing main event tonight.

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